Awesome Stand Wooden Plant Ideas For Inspiration 38
Awesome Stand Wooden Plant Ideas For Inspiration 38

40 Awesome Stand Wooden Plant Ideas For Inspiration

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Redwood is the absolute when it comes to wooden greenhouses. The finest Redwood is found in northern California, of the United States. Only select grade redwood is recommended for greenhouses. “Select” means each piece has the finest grain and is totally free of any knots or cracks.

Also, the redwood is kiln dried to assure each piece is free of parasites, and will not warp or shrink after your greenhouse is assembled. Redwood is weather resistant and has a natural ability to fend off insects and decay. It needs no staining, painting, or any other treatments to preserve its integrity. It is light and strong, but more than that, it also resists mold and mildew.

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Redwood is most beautiful wood you can use for wooden greenhouses, and the perfect material for fine residential settings. It maintains its natural beauty and warmth, even through the harshest seasons nature can dish out.

Unlike cold aluminum and steel, Redwood does not rust, corrode or crack. It won’t expand and contract under extreme temperature changes. You won’t hear your greenhouse creaking and groaning when the sun comes up.

Another nice feature of wood is that you can do most anything with it easily. Want to add some hanging plants, or hang a growing chart? Just nail, screw, or drill in what you need, where you want. Done!

Redwood shelving and benches are also available in all sizes to custom fit into your wooden greenhouse. They are made to bolt securely to the framework of your structure for the stability of the bench or shelf, as well as adding to the rigidity of the entire building. Besides being beautiful, versatile, insect and weather resistant, and maintenance free, redwood also smells good!

Whether you’re planning a free-standing wooden greenhouse or a lean-to model, please look at redwood as being your choice of framing and interior furnishings.


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