Spectacular Terrarium Glass Ideas On Table To Try 33
Spectacular Terrarium Glass Ideas On Table To Try 33

42 Spectacular Terrarium Glass Ideas On Table To Try

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According to dictionary.com terraria is “a small enclosure or closed container in which selected living plants and sometimes small land animals, such as turtles and lizards, are kept and observed.”

If you are a busy or lazy plant lover, terrarium is a perfect way of keeping some live plants in your home. Miniature garden in glass container or bowl looks very decorative and requires no fuss the regular plants in potting soil do. Just remember to water every once in a while and take care of flowers that grow too big or die.

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The lowest maintenance kinds of mini garden are the tall, lidless ones. Plant growth is slower in them. Another choice is the glass container with a lid which makes a stylish centerpiece on your coffee table. Just remember to clean the algae buildup from the glass when it appears.

The most decorous terrariums are the ones designed on a certain theme: bottom of the ocean, ancient civilization, mini landscape etc. If you decide to create one by yourself, don’t forget to put some pebbles or aquarium charcoal on the bottom first or your plants might start rotting in standing water. Small orchids, begonias and air plants are excellent choice of species for glass environment.

If not, the comfortable, easy way is to purchase terraria in a specialized store. Then, all you need to do is — to pick a perfect spot and enjoy watching this wondrous mini nature for months… until some rearranging is needed.


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