Cute Living Room Ideas For Small Home To Try29
Cute Living Room Ideas For Small Home To Try29

41 Cute Living Room Ideas For Small Home To Try

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When you walk into a living room for the first time, you might experience one of two emotions. You can be put at ease by the way things flow together in a logical and eye-pleasing way or you can be made nauseous by the random and mismatched way a room is put together. Great design isn’t an accident and it doesn’t happen by making a single trip to a home decor store and choosing the items you like the most. First, you need to have a plan for your home decor.

You wouldn’t begin painting a picture without first having a clear idea of what you want the picture to look like (unless you’re a Jackson Pollock fan) and home decor carries the same burden of planning. Get an idea of how you want your room to look. Collect pictures of the styles you want to use, and measure the room and the furniture you want to include in there. Buying a piece of furniture that doesn’t properly fit your living room would be a long lasting mistake. Most stores (even online ones) provide dimensions of the furniture they sell, so take advantage and draw a sketch in relation to your room. Have a measuring tape with you when you go to the store or print the drawings when you buy online. A few minutes here can save you hours and days of re-arrangement later.

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A problem that many people get sucked into is that they get focused on one color or texture that their rooms end up lacking any sort of variety. Don’t be afraid to switch up textures and colors between rooms and within a single room. Using a few different textures of furniture and fabric in a single room can create a great eye-catching design.

One of the most basic and important principles of interior design is space utilization. Not every home has room for a huge sectional and coffee table to be set up in front of a large entertainment center. Creating the illusion of space can be a powerful tool for interior designers. Pulling a couch off of a wall can create the appearance of extra space in the room. Painting the ceiling a color like blue or mint or any type of “cold” color can create the illusion of extra space. Decorating a room with furniture that has bold vertical lines can also create vertical space by drawing the eye up.

The key to great interior design is to formulate a plan before you start making impulse buys just because “this looks cute” or “these were on sale”. Get an idea of what you want to achieve beforehand and begin researching how to achieve that look or feel using magazines, home decor stores and online resources.


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