Elegant Living Space Design Ideas For Fall To Try37
Elegant Living Space Design Ideas For Fall To Try37

46 Elegant Living Space Design Ideas For Fall To Try

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Homeowners can extend the warmth of summer days well into fall by adding exterior living spaces onto their home. You will have more reason to choose weekends at home, invite guests over, or linger for a late night family time. Remodel and embellish your home and do it in style by adding a new porch, pavilion, fire pit, courtyard, built in exterior fireplace, or creative lighting. More time to enjoy this colorful season and you’ll add value to your home at the same time.

1) Consider transforming your front porch into a three-season outdoor room. An insulated porch can add weeks or months in a year that homeowners can enjoy the extension an enclosed porch offers. Home builders often use R13 fiberglass insulation for those comparing value to price. Foam insulation runs more and offers better protection from the nip of fall and winter winds. Alternatively, screened porches are built with custom-sized windows to fit your existing framing. PGTĀ® Eze-BreezeĀ® Sliding Panels withstand winds up to 5 miles per hour.

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2) Outdoor built-in fireplaces add coziness and warmth, adding a grand finale to savor the season’s sunshine as we transition from poolside decks to the spectacular colors of fall. Designed utilizing natural brick flooring and outdoor wicker furniture for gatherings in comfort and style, additionally ensures that maintenance will be a breeze.

3) Incorporate new lighting for softly lit evenings. Formal outdoor dining spaces lit my a low hanging chandelier offer the perfect lighting effect to sip on hot cider and deserts to polish off the pleasures of a fall evening of entertaining at home.

4) Build a pavilion to showcase your favorite fall view. Relaxing under the playful shadows of a beautiful pavilion makes for a great ending to a fall day. To extend your season of pleasure, consider incorporating an overhead heater; your guests can enjoy the reds of fall and orange sunsets awhile longer.

5) Fire pits can be free standing and add tremendous appeal for roasting marshmallows and sipping on hot chocolate with a bit of Baily’s Irish Cream. The range of materials to use is tremendous, ranging from molded, cast concrete blocks that stack neatly, to flagstone, or even granite.

Enjoy your home, inviting both the season and your friends for an extended stay that says you are prepared to enjoy fall’s spectacular display of colors, knowing that it also signals that soon you will be spending more time indoors. Home remodelers still have time to add your favorite exterior room to extend fall at your house.


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