Captivating Diy Design Ideas To Welcome Autumn That Looks Elegant40
Captivating Diy Design Ideas To Welcome Autumn That Looks Elegant40

46 Captivating Diy Design Ideas To Welcome Autumn That Looks Elegant

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It’s not time just yet to start wishing the summer months away, but it might be time to start thinking about Autumn and Winter if you’re considering redecorating your home. The time has come to look forward into the windier, cooler months in the interior fashion world, in fact the A/W 2014 palette was decided upon last year! There are stunning ethnic wall tiles and earthy, rustic colours to combine, as well as ECO based texture schemes and emotive and brave tone combinations.

Unless you’re planning a full scale renovation you more than likely won’t be using all of these ideas, but they’re a great insight into next season’s interior palette, enabling you to pick and choose elements that could breathe a breath of fresh air into the aesthetics of your home.

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There’s never a season short of ethnic prints but they become much more integrated into interior design next season with the use of ethnic tile prints. Previously the trend would have been tribal, but it’s become much more worldly this time around with the incorporation of exotic, painted ceramic and porcelain tiles from places like Europe and Africa. Expect to see the patterns splashed all over luxurious fabrics for cushions and covers and on unique tiles perfect to bring a splash of culture to your home. Currently these prints are already prevalent in this seasons fashion scene with miniature patterns seen on dresses and crop tops. The Autumn/ Winter palette see’s them expand into larger pieces, which lend themselves to interior design.

For the best effect you’ll want to combine border prints with clashing central pieces. Blue and white are the most popular colours used but you’ll also see richer colours like aqua green and rusty oranges appear to.

Clashing Colours
Think big, bold and brave rather than neutral and natural. In a contrast to this seasons hugely popular pastels trend this scheme is based on making bold choices and clashing strong colours with muted, creamy tones. Statement wallpaper in block colours is a great choice along with creative plastic accessories and reflective materials.

Flint is the latest trend to bring basics back into interior fashion. Rather than thinking big, think simple with this neolithic style, combining rusty and warm colours with organic, handmade accessories.
Interesting decorative items in this theme could be simple and natl objects like fossils, natural string, feathers and textured pebbles.

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Sky and Storm
This trend incorporates feminine and masculine qualities with clashing tones and colours that also compliment each other. Think hot and cold, natural and industrial, combining rich blues with salmon pinks, soft cotton with metallic accessories.

Consider using tie dye fabrics and creating soft lines with your layout, the use of mirrors is also prevalent with this style.

This is the big ECO trend of the season which draws inspiration from renewable energy and sustainability culture. Think folk law and bohemian with this look and don’t shy away from natural colours if you want to get it right. Think green, brown and red for colour schemes, natural materials for accessories and wooden flooring. Wood effect porcelain floor tiles are also particularly popular at the moment.


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