47 Perfect Bedroom Paint Colors Design Ideas That Suitable For Narrow Spaces

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The interior of a home is the side that we see the most often. The colors of the walls and the trim set the mood for each space and play a surprisingly large role in the feeling you get when spending time at home. Many homeowners choose interior paint colors quickly without considering various shades and other factors. While this may achieve acceptable results, it does not maximize the potential of the space.

The Power of the Color Wheel

The color wheel groups colors into families and aligns them in relation to each other. Paint swatches are usually arranged in displays or in a hand held collection of swatches that are organized with complimenting colors across from each other for easy viewing. This is a great way to choose coordinating colors, or to pick out a color for an accent wall.

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Color Matching

Most paint retailers wield exceptional technology in matching paint colors. While most people find just what they are looking for by using the color wheel or other arrangement of swatches, a clipping from a magazine or a piece of fabric can often be matched for color to achieve the desired result.

The World of White Paint

One may be surprised with the number of available shades of white. Whites can offer the hints of other colors which will often make coordinating a white into the scheme easier if you have decided on the bolder colors already.

Incoming Light

Narrowing the selection down to a specific color family is a great start but this is not where it ends. There are nearly infinite shades of any basic color, and some are drastically different, whereas others have nearly undetectable differences. Assessing the amount of natural light available and how it affects the room at different times of the day may help in deciding on the perfect shade of your favorite color. Many people are stunned by how different the same color will look in the morning as compared with the afternoon sunlight.

Paint Finish

The paint sheen will also dictate the effect that is cast over a room by the paint. A glossy sheen is often reserved for trim work and bathroom walls or other areas that experience a great deal of moisture. Walls in bedrooms and living areas are most commonly painted with flat or eggshell finishes.

Take a Paint Color for a Test Drive

Paint swatches are a great way to narrow down the color choices, but for a definitive selection it is best to pant a 2’x2′ space on the wall and see how the color looks. Most paint retail outlets will have small sized paint containers, less than $10, which are a small investment to avoid paying for a gallon or more of non-returnable mixed paint that is not what you had in mind.

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