Trendy Master Bedroom Ideas With Scandinavian Style To Copy Asap37
Trendy Master Bedroom Ideas With Scandinavian Style To Copy Asap37

40 Trendy Master Bedroom Ideas With Scandinavian Style To Copy Asap

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At the end of the day when you retreat into your bedroom, do you look around and wonder why it’s not designed as a relaxing space? The master bedroom is the one area of your home where you should be able to relax and recharge before you go to sleep and go back to your job the next day. The bedroom is said to be the true soul of the home, more than the kitchen or family room. If you’re considering ideas for the redesign of your bedroom, jot down some of the ideas listed here and envision the colors, styles, and fabrics you might like to add that will make you feel totally comfortable and peaceful.

Creating a well-designed bedroom depends upon the type of atmosphere you want to convey when you or your significant other enters the room. Do you envision a room that’s serene, calming, and a place where you can meditate or do Yoga? Do you dream about a lush, luxurious, and expensive-looking room? How about something that’s extremely comfortable, inviting, and has a cozy fireplace in the corner? Or, what about a sensual, romantic hideaway that has an erotic theme or a small pool or spa at one end of the room, surrounded with floor to ceiling mirrors?

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Whatever type of illusion you’d like to create in your private bedroom, it becomes your personal space, and it most certainly should reflect what you like, what you need to feel good, and it should express your private personality. Once you have begun to get several ideas about what would entice you to spend time in such a bedroom at the end of the day, then you can begin thinking about colors, fabrics, and the style of furniture you’d enjoy.

Consider adding a platform bed and furniture with straight simply lines. The bed us usually the focal point of the bedroom, unless you decide to incorporate a spa, or a wall with bright and bold artwork. Since a platform bed does not require box springs and a frame, the design and style suggests a zen-like, or Scandinavian feel to the room since it has an uncluttered look.

Many interior designers are suggesting that homeowners forego buying large pieces of furniture for their bedroom like dressers, armoires, and a chest of drawers. Instead, the interior design trend is to build storage units into the walls, whereby your personal and private items are hidden away, yet totally accessible when needed.

After you’ve selected your furniture, a nice flat-screen TV to hang on the wall, and a surround sound system, it’s time to choose colors for your walls, window treatments, accent rugs and a duvet cover and pillows for your bed. If you want to add more storage you can always buy two storage trunks and place them strategically in your room. The trunks make a great space for storing blankets, unread magazines, bed linens and towels. A trunk also makes a convenient place to sit when you put your shoes on or accept a call on your cell phone.

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If you’re an avid reader or a collector of books, then you will want to include bookshelves in your bedroom’s design. Bookshelves make the room appear uncluttered, since you won’t have to stack your mail, magazines or books in piles on the floor or around your bed.

When you’re sketching out possible designs on graph paper, or with a software program for interior design, the layout of your bedroom will make more sense and will become more appealing when you define specific areas within the room. For example, to create a relaxing lounge and reading area, you might want to include a chair with an ottoman, or an elongated settee that allows you to stretch out your legs while you read, rest, listen to music, or watch a show or movie on TV. You might also want to include a tiny table where you can place your reading glasses or a cup of herbal tea while you sit in your relaxed space.

There really is no limit to the types of areas that you could create in your private bedroom. That’s where you can bounce some of your ideas off of an interior designer, and then get feedback for ways that you can create your bedroom retreat. Just remember that this is your private space and it needs to reflect how you want to feel when you close the door and shut out the rest of the world for a little while. After all, when you’re surrounded by colors, furniture, and accessories that make you lock out the realities of your everyday work life, you might just feel at peace, and then you’ll get a good night’s sleep. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

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