46 Extraordinary Farmhouse Stocking Holder Ideas For Christmas To Try Soon

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One of the most treasured traditions of the Christmas season is finding small treats and presents stuffed into your Christmas stocking. And if your home is like many of those that enjoy this tradition you have the stockings displayed somewhere during the weeks before the holiday using Christmas stocking holders.

It isn’t that your stockings can’t just sit on a chair or in the corner of the couch; it’s that by displaying them out in the open with holders, you get to enjoy that sense of anticipation for Christmas as the day gets closer and closer.

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Some folks have stocking holders that have been handed down in their families for years and it is quite possible that today’s children have stocking holders that used to belong to grandma or grandpa when they were kids. But other families don’t have those and they need to start their own traditions. And that is why it is so nice to be able to jump on the internet to find all kinds of styles and designs of these holders that you can buy at great discount prices.

Some of the more popular holders are the mantle clips. These are designed to attach to your fireplace mantle and hold the Christmas stocking suspended in front of the mantle just above the opening for the firs. They are made from metal and are usually finished in bright brass or polished nickel or sometimes silver. These are usually the finishes, the metal itself is often aluminum or a special kind of spring steel so that the clip stays firmly attached to the mantelpiece and the stockings don’t go tumbling into the fire.

Other kinds of stocking holders are designed to perch on the mantle or a shelf they have a hook that supports the stocking so that it hangs down. Some of these are very ornate and quite lovely. You can find them that come in sets so that they spell out Christmas words like joy or hope. And you can find some in sets that spell out Christmas greeting like Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel and Seasons Greetings.

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And some of the coolest designs are miniature snowmen made from acrylic and light up with a small battery operated light inside the see through acrylic. Very cool and pretty when your room is lighted with just the Christmas lights.

Christmas stocking holders are not absolutely necessary to enjoy the Christmas season, but they sure do add a great touch to the holiday atmosphere. And when you can find them at such good discount prices on the internet and that makes the Christmas season just a little bit better.


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