Inspiring Small Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Apartment To Try39
Inspiring Small Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Apartment To Try39

42 Inspiring Small Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Apartment To Try

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I’m all about improving my living room. I get so tired of the same layout in my apartment everyday that I constantly shuffle things around to make it seem different. This weekend I did a few simple things to give my living room a whole new look. These 5 seriously easy ideas can help gain a brand new feel to a stale living room for very little money in almost no time.

1) Mix Up the Furniture – Stir things up. Pull your sofa, chairs, and tables out of their current positions to the middle of the room. Then switch them up by placing them all back in new places. Try putting things at angles you hadn’t thought of before. If you don’t like how things end up, switch it all again. I like to turn it into a great little party game.

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2) Create Some White Space – Seem like you have too much junk around? I know I do. Why not get rid of some of it? Getting rid of some of the clutter will open up a ton of space and make your room seem like whole new place. Taking a piece of furniture or two out of the room will also create some space. As they say in the movies sometimes, “Less is more.” I threw out an old chair that I was hanging on to for years and the floor/wall space it cleared was amazing.

3) Walls, Walls, Walls – Leave the furniture be. After all, maybe its happy where it is. Instead, concentrate on making some changes to those walls. I’ve painted the wall behind my entertainment center a color that matches some of the items in the rest of the room, but left the other walls their basic white color. Painting one wall really makes it pop out in the eyes of the viewer and gives the room whole new dimensions. I believe the experts call this an “Accent Wall.” I just think it looks pretty sweet, so I call it…a “lookin’ pretty sweet wall.”

4) Mirrors, Art, Pictures – Throw up some mirrors or framed art on the walls. If you already have some up, shift them around or replace them with others. It may bring me seven years bad luck, but I tried a few pieces of spread out broken mirror above the entertainment center. It looks great and since I did it Saturday, my luck seems like its still intact.

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5) Plants! – This isn’t much, but add a few plants around the apartment. Put them by the window. Put them in a corner. Heck, put them on top of the TV. Plants add a whole fresh element to any room. Plus you can give them a name and talk to them from time to time. Medusa, my fern, gets me through the lonely nights.


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