Cozy Terrace Floor Design Ideas To Have This Year45
Cozy Terrace Floor Design Ideas To Have This Year45

49 Cozy Terrace Floor Design Ideas To Have This Year

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Do you have a tiles flooring in your terrace or patio, from which you have saved some tiles?

One of the easiest ways of decorating your outdoor space is to use the same material you used for the floor in your furniture.

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And it is so simple!

  • Choose a table in which you may put a frame of metal or iron or wood (using a suitable paint for humidity and rain), around its borders. It does not matter whether it is round, square or a rectangle.
  • I just ordered an ironwork (wrought-iron) rectangle frame table with two glass squares divided by an iron middle bar
  • Before starting the decoration, remove the glass squares so they will not break. Put them aside.

Cut tiles putting them inside a piece of hard fabric and with a hammer just giving it some hits until  you get the pieces the size you may need.

You may do in two ways:

– buy some little tiles of the same colours you have of the flooring ones, or,

– use the broken ones to fill all the space surrounding the table.

Put the outdoor anti-humidity glue in the space left around the frame of the table where you are going to stick the broken tiles together with the new little ones, or, without them, using all the saved ones for the complete decoration.

After the glue has settled down well  then it would be better to use a plaster of the same color you used for the flooring.

The plaster will take like one day and a half in setting down well. Give it another day before putting dishes or anything over them to keep them at the same height.

After this you are ready to put back again the glass squares you had removed for decorating the table.

If you do this on an iron or wood frame table with glass surface, it will be beautiful the effect it makes when through the glass you see the flooring of the same decoration.

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My table now is 9 years old and it still looks like new!


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