Dreamy Bohemian Style Kitchen Design Ideas To Try Asap 42
Dreamy Bohemian Style Kitchen Design Ideas To Try Asap 42

52 Dreamy Bohemian Style Kitchen Design Ideas To Try Asap

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One of the first questions you must answer before creating a contemporary kitchen is “What is a contemporary kitchen?” A contemporary styled kitchen is usually broken into subcategories. Each of these subcategories consisted of the elements required to create a contemporary styled kitchen. The elements of a contemporary styled kitchen are clean edged, streamline appearance, and a focus on function versus form. Each of these categories featured their own perspective of applying these elements to the space.

Our first subcategory is the basics. One of the biggest characteristics of contemporary home décor is the elimination of clutter. The basic subcategory ensures that we include only the essentials of your kitchen space. We will stray way from all of those cute but unnecessary kitchen accessories. This subcategory encourages only the basic, fundamental pieces needed to function in a kitchen. One huge advantage of the basic subcategory is the ease of cleaning. When we have less gadgets and accessories, we have less to clean.

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The second subcategory is often defined as “home contemporary”. While we are encouraging a basic kitchen, we still have to put a “homey” feel to it. We would use this subcategory to add small and subtle features to our kitchen to bring it to life. Some examples are paint on the walls, material used in counter tops and floor tiles. Although our goal in this area is to bring life to the kitchen, we will not stray away from our “basic” subcategory by going too far with accessories.

Finally, we have to consider the function subcategory. What good is a kitchen if we cannot cook and store food? We have established our base for our kitchen décor with the previous subcategories, now we have to consider the tasks that will be completed in the kitchen. It is now time to select our appliances and cabinets. While we would love an eye catching kitchen, our first goal is to select appliances that will assist in food preparation and cooking. Most often stainless steel or black appliances are used in a contemporary styled kitchen.

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