Enjoying Shoe Storage Solutions Ideas That You Need To Try 45
Enjoying Shoe Storage Solutions Ideas That You Need To Try 45

53 Enjoying Shoe Storage Solutions Ideas That You Need To Try

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If like Carrie Bradshaw of “Sex and the City” you live for fashion and love shoes, then storage most certainly is a problem. For shoe lovers a clever way to store shoes is to use see through or clear shoe boxes. This way you do not have to open every single cardboard box to find the right shoe and your shoes are protected in a box even if you have to store them under the bed because your shoe rack is full.

Look for durable plastic clear shoe boxes that can withstand the pressure of stacking. There is little purpose in clear shoe boxes that collapse or bend out of shape over time under the weight of resting another shoe on top.

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Boot boxes
There are even clear shoe boxes to store your boots which is very handy, as let’s face it we are not using our boots 365 days of the year. When you love shoes especially designer shoes, handcrafted shoes and pay high prices for them you might as well spend a little extra to ensure that you can keep it in pristine condition and dust free.

Stack shoes by current season
There are some shoes which we wear maybe once per year only on special occasions. A handy method of storing our shoes where space is an issue is to store the least worn at the bottom of the stack or the furthest under the bed if you are using under your bed for shoe storage. Just as we store away our winter clothes or summer clothes when the season changes, the same principle applies to our shoes. So the only shoes you should have on your ready to wear rack are the shoes that you will be wearing for the next three months.

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