Stunning Loft Beds Design Ideas To Try Asap 41
Stunning Loft Beds Design Ideas To Try Asap 41

46 Stunning Loft Beds Design Ideas To Try Asap

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With the ever growing need for more space these days, people have come to terms with maximizing whatever living floor space they have. If it means down sizing on furniture and re-purposing them after a few years of good use, then all ends well in a home that can’t really make do with living it big.

Bedrooms have been sacrificed to accommodate a bigger kitchen, dining area or a bigger living room. Some have been downsized to accommodate an extra living space such as a patio, a family room or a guest bedroom. Either way, it all means choosing the right furniture for you to have the essentials of a each bedroom and not find yourself cramped in between 4 walls with nothing else for you to do but sleep. These days, furniture manufacturers have taken heed over this growing demand for multifunctional pieces of furniture to enable people to make the most of available space and still keep it comfortable.

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A bed is just about one bulky furniture that any home can’t do without. Fortunately, furniture designers have such genius minds and came up with loft beds. Loft beds are elevated beds that come with a wide choice of design features to utilize the space below these elevated beds. These type of beds are quite popular in college dorms and studio apartments. Children love loft beds because its add on features give them an area to play and keep their toys in close range. And with some designs, they can even have a slumber party as a pull out trundle can also be accommodated into the basic loft bed. If you’re seriously looking into buying a loft bed, you may want to read through some basic loft bed designs to give you a better perspective of what you would want.

The very basic design comes in the form of an all time staple of a Bunk Bed. Although it may sound like the traditional bunk bed with 2 beds stacked on top of each other, these days the lower bunks are now placed perpendicular to the top bunk. This modification allows for a greater amount of space for the lower bunk occupant. These can also come with built drawers and shelves and even a computer desk on each side.

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