Incredible Small Apartment Design Ideas That Only 36 Square Meters 32
Incredible Small Apartment Design Ideas That Only 36 Square Meters 32

42 Incredible Small Apartment Design Ideas That Only 36 Square Meters

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I was at first interested in renting an apartment in Palermo or Recoleta. But then I was told by someone I had just met in Berlin that when I visit Buenos Aires the place to stay is really this apartment in San Telmo. I had previously stayed in Palermo and I did tend to agree with him that I thought that Palermo is becoming too trendy and with all the new high rises it doesn’t have that old world charm of some of the other sections of the city. So I was able to get a reservation at Ocho Punto Cinco in San Telmo and was very happy with my choice.

Apartment Ocho Punto Cinco is situated closely to the world-famous art district and Dorrego Square found the 800 square foot apartment to be the perfect size for me. On my past visits, the cramped 40 or 50 square meter apartments of Palermo I found to be just too small. But here the large open rooms and queen master bed (as well as the smaller bed upstairs) I found to be perfect.

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This apartment is in the beautiful French style. It has high ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors and customized stained glass. The apartment is large and airy and allow for lots of sunshine in the living room study and bedroom areas. It’s important not to forget the gorgeous spiral staircase that leads to a storage area and also a bedroom on the upper floor. The furniture is customized and you also find amongst the modern appliances.

The overall design theme and feel of the apartment is modern classical however, it still embodies old world charm that you may find throughout Buenos Aires. The ocho punto cinco apartment has many amenities. They include a queen-size bed that has four posts, top-of-the-line bed linens and blankets, an armoire a workspace area that includes a desk where one can work or study. There are also wooden doors, beautiful hardwood floors and the master bedroom is air-conditioned. There is also a quaint kitchen nook where one can eat breakfast. I also found the antique bath tub very relaxing and a nice break from the city.

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