Wonderful White Baby Room Design Ideas With Shades Color To Try 43
Wonderful White Baby Room Design Ideas With Shades Color To Try 43

51 Wonderful White Baby Room Design Ideas With Shades Color To Try

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What’s the perfect color for your baby room? That’s not easy to say. The following are some things to think about when picking out which colors to make use of in your baby room. First decide whether you will need a monochromatic theme or a complimentary theme. If you chose a monochromatic color scheme, you would pick one color to apply. That would mean that if you picked blue as your primary color, then you would add white or black to create various shades. This will make the bedroom appear stylish and clean. For a complimentary theme, you would pick colors opposite each other on the color wheel, such as blue and orange. A white wall with blue and orange decorations for instance might be a fun color combo for a boy’s room. Pink and lime green would work nicely for a girl’s room. The choices are endless when you think about all the shades available to choose from. Before choosing your colors, its good to really know what feelings each color evokes.

Black: This is an exceptionally bold color and needs to be used sparingly. Black speaks of authority and power, but also of the unknown and mysterious. But don’t be afraid to try black in order to make an object stand out. A black picture frame or black, iron crib is very modern and classy. Anything that you’d like to high light by trimming in black will really be noticeable.

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White: The opposite of black, white can often be thought of in terms of the age-old struggle between good and evil. Angels, heroes, and magicians, (like Gandalf) tend to be clad in shining white robes. White also symbolizes purity, and as such, is the norm when it comes to wedding dresses. Doctors and nurses wear white to display cleanliness. Because of the array of symbolism linked to the color white, it can be used quite liberally throughout your baby’s room. However, bear in mind white does show dirt very easily and too much of it could appear sterile and cold.

Brown: Brown is the color of the earth. It lends itself to feelings of security and stability. Light brown could be used quite liberally when painting walls, and dark brown is beautiful when it comes to wood floors and furniture. Partner brown tones with white and green to make your baby’s room have an earthy feel.

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