Incredible Scandinavian Spring Design Ideas To Try Asap 35
Incredible Scandinavian Spring Design Ideas To Try Asap 35

42 Incredible Scandinavian Spring Design Ideas To Try Asap

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A new year has come and new trends are being set fast in all areas of our lives. A good way to start the new year afresh and with a new burst of energy is to change your interior design, but be careful as there are new rules for this year.

In 2011 trends in interior design will pay more attention to family and will show a high interest for preservation and ‘vintage’, as one of the first priorities will be saving money.

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The present economic situation will make many of us become nostalgic about the old days. The so called “old colours” to remind us of the past will be among the most wanted design trends of this year. The earthy brown, the lime green or navy blue will find themselves both in it for colour, as well as trends in fabrics. What will fuel trends in 2011 will be the interest in ‘greening up’. Through the reuse of furniture by restoration, not only will you be saving money but you will also have a good feeling that you have contributed to protecting the environment.

This year even in interior design the attention will be headed for the origins. Because of human desire to relive the past, designers think that interest will be devoted to the origins of existence, so everybody will seek forms and colours with a global influence. African tribal grounds, or symbols of early Amerindians people will be used a lot, many geometric figures. For them to go well together vibrant colours should be used, but at the same time modest ones, as golden reflections with musk, tomato or oceanic blue.

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