Cute Outdoor Fire Pit Design Ideas For Cozy Outdoor Living Space 32
Cute Outdoor Fire Pit Design Ideas For Cozy Outdoor Living Space 32

40 Cute Outdoor Fire Pit Design Ideas For Cozy Outdoor Living Space

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It is definitely a great feeling to be able to spend a cold night outside your home while enjoying the warmth and coziness of a blazing open fire. This is one of the reasons why fire pits became one of the most popular outdoor feature for many home. With a pit, you get to enjoy the benefits of having an open fire without actually going out to the wilderness and camp. If you are a home owner who’s planning to have this type of pit in your garden, backyard or patio, then you can always opt either to buy a pre-made fire pit or you can choose to build one on your own. If you think that you can build one from scratch, here are some fire pit design ideas that you can use:

Stone Fire Pits. It is safe to say that this pit design is not only the most simple pit to construct but it is also the cheapest. This design is as basic as it gets. If you have ample space that is away from flammable objects and debris, then this is the design just for you. Just burrow a hole that will contain the fire, surround it with stones, throw the firewood into the center and you are pretty much done. Make sure that you select rocks that are big enough to enclose the fire effectively. If you are planning to use it for barbecue, then you can simply place a grill over the stones.

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Tire Rim Fire Pit. Another very simple but functional design and can easily be constructed using the right cheap materials. As its name implies, you will be needing a tire rim for this. The bigger the tire rim, the better (e.g. tractor tire rim). Search your garage for old tire rims or if you can’t find one then you can opt to visit a junk shop. Simply lay the tire rim on its side on a surface that’s non-flammable like concrete or dirt. Then surround it with stones or bricks in order to keep the rim from moving. Throw in your tinder, kindling and fuel and you already have yourself a nice cheap fire pit.

Portable Fire Pit. This is yet another affordable solution that’s perfect for your home. These portable types of pits are referred to as chimnea. A chimnea is a front-loading fire pit that is characterized by its round body and are usually made from ceramic materials. What makes them quite popular is the fact that they can easily be moved around and that makes them highly portable. This means that you can place them whenever you want depending on your personal preference or the available space.

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