Awesome Small Backyard Semi Inground Pool Ideas 39

30+ Awesome Small Backyard Semi Inground Pool Ideas

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Building a pool in your backyard is a big step (more so for people who have very little backyard to talk about), and the decision about whether or not to build an inground pool can be one of the biggest you will ever make when it comes to your home. It’s going to change your landscape forever! An inground pool is one of the best additions you will ever make to your home, however, and its addition will be one that you will never regret.

There are many, many benefits to owning an inground pool as opposed to the traditional piece of blue plastic floating in the middle of your lawn that is affectionately referred to as an aboveground pool. First and foremost, it allows you to maintain the aesthetic beauty of your home. Face it, there’s very little architecture out there that is going to be perfectly complemented by a big, blue whale of a pool. With an inground pool you can maintain the smooth lines of your home and landscaping with a custom made design developed especially for you.

The primary complaint that most homeowners have when it comes to building an inground pool is the pool designer cost. Ask yourself this for a moment: How much do you spend every year on pool memberships and vacations to exotic destinations (where you’ll inevitably spend half the trip sitting beside the pool)? Calculate those numbers year after year and ask yourself which is more expensive in the long run-continuing to pay to enjoy someone else’s inground pool or the small investment to build your own private oasis?

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You have a virtually unlimited number of options when it comes to your inground pool-certainly more than you would have if you decided to go with a traditional blue aboveground pool. Your inground provides you with the option of building it in vinyl or concrete, bedrock or fiberglass. You can custom create your inground pool to meet your own unique needs, accenting it with colorful liners, exquisite finishes of plaster, paint or pebbles and colorful flora rather than having to settle for a generic accessory that just happened to tumble off the back of the pick-up truck.

Finally, pools built in parts of the country that frequently experience extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, tend to have a much longer lifespan if they are built inground rather than above. If you consider the initial investment in getting an inground pool up and running as opposed to the cost of having to replace your aboveground pool year after year you will inevitably draw the same conclusion as so many others before you-that nothing compliments your home like an in ground swim.

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