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30+ Cool Backyard Hill Landscaping Ideas

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Having a hard time looking for a good design for your backyard? This is the most common concern when your yard happens to be a bit on the slope of a hill. However, with landscaping ideas for a hilly backyard, this is certainly not impossible. Just a bit more work is all.

There are certainly more difficulties when you aim to landscape your hilly backyard. However, when it is done right, the slope could just add more allure to your place. And there are many landscaping designs that can help you use the position of your backyard to your advantage.

There are a couple of things you need to consider when landscaping on a slope. Some of these are:

Erosion Prevention

I could say that the main concern in landscaping on a slope is the soil erosion that could ensue. For this reason, you have to have a ground covers or any other system in place to prevent this.

Ground covers are those grasses that can hold the soil and prevent erosion. This is ideal for slopes that are not too steep. Probably with an angle of 2 or 3. As an example, you could use grasses like Pachysandra and Fescues. Or you could even use myrtles if you want to go for flowering plants as ground covers.

For a much steeper slopes however, it will take more than the use of ground covers to prevent erosion. There are several means to address this problem. For example you could build a terrace within the slope and have your plants there. Another example is using retaining walls at the base of the hill.

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Another thing to consider is the variety of plants to use for your hilly backyard. You have several option for this. As mentioned earlier, ground covers like grasses does have its purpose. Flowering plants and trees can also serve to beautify the surrounding and help create an ambiance. Just make sure that everything will blend to achieve the landscape that you want.

Hilly Backyard Landscaping Ideas

The best thing to do is to look over some landscaping ideas for hilly backyard. There are certainly many of these on the internet. And whether or not you’re going to hire the services of a landscaping professional, you need to be involved with the whole design as well as the decision making.

With the considerations mentioned earlier in mind, you need to have a say on the design of your backyard landscape. That is why I strongly suggest that you go over some pictures and ideas that would look good on the backyard you have.

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