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30+ Gorgeous Backyard Inground Pool Ideas

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People love spending time in their back yards, and creating the perfect place to relax, entertain and have fun is essential. Having a pool is a great starting point, it will give you something to develop and add to over time. Landscaping is fun, and once you have added the outdoor lighting, kitchen area and garden features your backyard will be the envy of your neighbors.

There are so many ideas when landscaping your backyard, you will have to consider your needs and budget. You can gather ideas from friends and family who have a similar pool and see what they have done to create their perfect landscape. You will still need to take into consideration, safety, comfort and privacy when designing the pool area. If you have small children then you will have to think about their safety around the pool, and building a fence is always a good idea.

Planting around your pool is a great way to landscape; evergreen plants are excellent and give a great blend to the environment. You don’t want to have too many plants though as they will drop leaves into your pool and this will give you more work, when cleaning the pool. Colorful plants and flowers are great for around the pool, it will brighten the area and make it look fantastic.

Another great idea is decking, by having fixed decking around your pool not only will it give you a non slip surface but it will look fantastic too. Although you will have to keep it clean or moss may grow, creating a slippery surface. Rocks and stones are great around your pool and if you are very skilled then you could even build a water feature or fall into your pool. This may have to be done by a professional to make sure the pump is fitted correctly. Landscaping stones are a great way to edge paths and walkways, defining exactly where to walk.

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Open gazebos and covers can be placed around the pool area, allowing for friends and family to sit, relax and chat when not in the pool. Having comfortable, waterproof furniture under these is a must as many guests will leave the pool and go directly to the seating area. Further away from the seating area you could have a purpose built outdoor kitchen area, including a barbeque. When building a barbeque area, ensure you know which way the wind is likely to blow as smoke blowing towards the pool is not a god idea.

Lighting is essential around your pool and in your backyard, you want to get a good mix of bright but not too bright, if you use the pool at night you don’t want to light up the neighbor’s yards as well. Also always check that the lights are waterproof as water and electricity really don’t mix, you can get some fantastic pool lights which will make the area look great. There are a great choice of lights to choose from which will suit every budget, you can have different lights for different areas and have mood lighting in the seating area, and brighter ones near the pool. Whatever features you add to your backyard, any amount of landscaping will add value to your property and look fantastic too.

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