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30+ Stylish Rectangular Chandelier Dining Room Ideas

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A linear chandelier is the perfect lighting fixture for your dining room. Your family probably spends a lot of time in this room, having dinner together or working on homework. You need adequate lighting but you’re probably also looking for something stylish, but not quite as elaborate as a grand crystal chandelier (unless you live in a palace!).

Many dining rooms have rectangular dining tables. Usually, a linear chandelier has some kind of primary connector with the chandelier bulbs place along the length of it. Some linear chandeliers have three bulbs, and some might have many more. It really depends on the style you select.

Before shopping for a linear chandelier, take a look at the lighting fixture you currently have and figure out how much lighting it provides. Count the number of bulbs and multiply by the number of watts per bulb. This will give you the total wattage. Keep this number in mind and you go shopping for a new chandelier. Are you happy with the current amount of light that you have? Do you wish you had more? This number can give you an idea of what to look for in a new lighting fixture.

What kind of decor have you used throughout the rest of your house? Do you have a formal or informal dining room? If you host fancy dinner parties, you will probably select a different chandelier than if you cook casual meals at home for your family only. There are enough lighting styles today for you to find one that compliments your other home decor.

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A practical thing to consider when looking for a new linear chandelier is the size of your space and the size of the chandelier that you want to buy. How high are your ceilings? How tall is the chandelier and how low will it hang? Think about this before buying one to make sure that it will fit. Also, there is nothing more important than safety. If you are thinking about adding wattage or installing a chandelier where one didn’t exist before, you should probably call a licensed electrician. Overloaded wires could create a fire hazard within your home. Think about safety first before anything else.


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