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30+ Cozy Navy Blue Bedroom Ideas

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If you are looking to modernize a bedroom’s color scheme you might wish to consider using various shades of blue which have started to become a highly attractive option. If you are able to mix a preferred shade of blue with plain white or similar then this is the perfect style for a bedroom, whether this is for the children or adults. Neutrals and pastels are also colors which are favored in a color scheme for the bedrooms, but it is the shades of blue that are really being appreciated for providing a stylish and modern look.

Here are some of the main ways that you can combine elements to create a highly stylish blue color scheme:

Include intense shades: If you are wishing to create a highly noticeable feature wall, you might wish to use some of the more intense shades, such as a rich azure, sea blue, or royal blue. If you are able to feature a lighter shade in other areas of the bedroom, this will go a long way to creating a truly attractive color scheme.

Use patterns: If you are wishing to create a more impressive style for the bedroom, you can go further then using plain walls, you might wish to incorporate patterns to the decor, which is highly effective at creating more depth and style. A professional solution to adding in a choice of patterns comes from a high-quality role of wallpaper in multiple shades of blue, which if chosen wisely will create a perfect area of the room to draw attention.

Leave blue to accent pieces: If you enjoy the many colors and shades of blue, but wish to restrict your design choice to a more conventional look, it is possible to paint the main walls in a lighter color and then incorporate blue in the details. Stylish accent pieces in the bedroom might consist of the curtains, floor rugs, chairs, bedding or throw pillows.

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Combine multiple shades of blue: In order to create a more unique color scheme, you might wish to combine several complimenting shades of blue for the different walls in the bedroom. If you are able to create a stylish look with different undertones and intensity in the shade of blue, this is very beneficial for creating the ideal look.

All in all, if you are able to take the right inspiration from an interior magazine or similar material, then this can go a long way to helping you decide on the ideal blue bedroom to match your particular style preference.

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