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30+ Totally Comfy Boy And Girl Shared Bedroom Ideas

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Most parents want to have that perfect room for their child – decorated with their child’s unique personality, interests and flair. This is especially important aspect when decorating a room for children who have to share a room. Each child should be a part of the decorating process and have input. One school of thought on this subject is for children who have to share a room is for them to agree on a theme for the entire room. This allows each child to decorate their half of the room in a similar style – allowing both of them can get involved in creating their own space and showing off their unique personality.

One such theme that both boys and girls can participate in is a sports themed room. Each child can choose their favorite college or Professional sports team and decorate their side with items that show their team spirit and loyalty while at the same time creating a cozy, comfortable, and relaxing space that they will enjoy and love to be in together.

Some ideas on how to create a sports themed room are as follows:

• Shop for sports related bedding specific to their chosen college or Professional sports team. You can choose from bedding sets to pillows to blankets.

• Put in an area rug that will accent the type of sports team chosen – football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, etc.

• Add posters and pictures depicting players, colors and/or logos of the specific team chosen. You can choose from wall art, decals and stickers or hang up posters or photographs.

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• Last but not least, buy sports themed lamps and lighting products. These are widely available and cast illuminating light in the colors and logos of the selected team proving for each child to enjoy while displaying each of their team’s spirit and loyalty. You can chose from table lamps to desk lamps to night lights and even light switch covers.

All in all, using a sports theme for children who have to share a bedroom will give each child the opportunity to show off their unique sense of taste and style while creating a room for both of them to enjoy and love for many years to come.

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