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You will have to use nails wall hooks or thumb tacks to secure the string lights to the wall. Use painters tape to fasten string lights beneath a deck railing.

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Make sure to hang the lights without the bulbs first.

Attach string lights to house. 2 Coaxial Staples Work Best Coaxial staples are the best things to use if you are securing lights to wood like the side of your home or trees. No damage to your walls. Instead we chose to follow the methods of tutorials that use concrete-filled buckets like this one.

For those with a balcony or a stair nook in the back of their apartment take a cue from Madisyn Fecko and weave globe lights around the railings to make it feel a little less cold. On their own or attached to a sturdy wire as part of a light suspension kit. Also known cable ties The cable would run from one wall of the house past the patio to a tree and provide string light support out to the corner of the patio where it could then turn 90-degrees and run back to a fixed eye-bolt at the other house wall.

How to Hang String Lights. Attach string lights. HOW TO INSTALL STRING LIGHTS.

It is recommended that the bottom edge near the floor be left empty. Weatherproof outdoor tape will help hold them in place so they dont move throughout the night. Place the eyelets to the fascia or gutter line on your house.

Hang string lights in or on shrubs. You can hang one end from the lip of your gutter and thread the string light through the other end. We had a few feet of lights left when we reached the last hook and just let it trail down the side of the house.

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I would then attach the string lights to the suspension cable using plastic zip ties. Once you have all the strings hung and connectors secured you just simply add the lights back in. Connect your light strings.

Use a ladder for hard-to-reach spots. If you have kids in the house dress up their bunk beds with a string of lights like Rebecca McLennan did. How to Hang String Lights From a wall fence or building If you want to hang your cafe lights from your house or another wall or fence simply drill a pilot hole and screw either an eye hook a cup hook or a coaxial staple into the wall.

Use a ladder and zip ties to hang your string light. Mounting to a wire isnt necessary but it can help maintain tension if youre hanging string lights over a larger expanse and it can provide more support if your backyard is breezy. Attaching the Wood String Light Post In the original tutorial they attach their 44 to the frame of the planters by bracing it with a cut 24 and then filling the empty space with limestone pavers.

Image Below STEP 7. You can secure the lights to the top edges and the side of the entire walls of the house. As you can see above the cord is.

For at least one side of the lights you can use gutter hooks to hold the outdoor string lights. These are S-shaped hardware you can purchase at any home supply store our favorite decorative ones are here. Set the steel cable that will keep the string light cord from strectching out over time prolonging the life of the lights.

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If youre using lights with large or delicate bulbs remove them first to avoid breaking any. First you can hang the string lights on the walls of your house. There are two ways to mount string lights.

STEP BY STEP. Line pathways or walkways with string lights. Hang the beginning of the light set from the first hook and drape across to the next hook then the next hook and so on.

Market Lights String Lights Cafe Lights Bistro Lights Fiesta Lights Party Lights Patio Lights. We used this method on the house side of our patio.

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