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The source of power will also influence how you will lay the lights. String lights look great hanging in many different ways strung in parallel rows crisscrossed or radiating from a central point like a chandelier or outdoor fireplace.

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Using a guy wire can prolong the life of your light strings by removing the tension that is created on the string as your patio lights.

Outdoor string light layout. Draw a rough sketch with measurements. Measure for length and roughly choose your light. Hanging Patio String Lights Basic Steps.

If you have multiple light strings hang several Xs in a row to create a diamond pattern. The zig-zag the crossover x the square the scallop the wall hug the magic circle. Most string lights are meant to provide mood lighting so they fall in the 2000 to 4000 range on the scale.

String lights commonly come in different lengths such as 25 foot string lights up to 48 100 and as much as 300 long strings. For example my outdoor side patio is a wedge layout and when I identified and highlighted areas where I could secure the lights on a quick sketch on paper I immediately was able to envision my string light layout plan. If using guy wire hang this first.

Hang the beginning of the light set from the first hook and drape across to the next hook then the next hook and so on. String lights layout. 30 Outdoor Patio LED Bistro String Lights Ideas Sebring Design Build.

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This is soft yellow-tinted light thats perfect for creating ambiance. String lights add an illuminated glow that is warm and welcoming. For other areas which are enclosed or protected such as along patio ceilings or covered porches wet rated string lights will do well.

They are less expensive up front but require replacement much more frequently if. Place bucket inside of the cedar box or lift over the pole if needed. This technique is common on decking or outdoor covered locations where it is easier to hang lights at the perimeter of the space rather than through the middle of the space due to obstructions like columns.

If you are to fix them on them you should identify an accessible area that is close to a power outlet. How to Hang Outdoor Patio String Lights Step 1. By comparison standard grade string lights can also be suitable for outdoor installation but they typically do not last as long as commercial grade light strands especially in locations with inclement weather.

Assemble your poles if applicable. Pick a spot outside where youd like to hang your string lights and identify a power source. The lighting layout tool works for both large indoor warehouse or industrial spaces — using LED high bay lights as an example as well as outdoor LED flood light upgrade projects.

This is a white light and better for performing tasks. Weve rounded up tons of our favorite string light ideas in this gallery. Do not use string lights outdoors that are only rated for dry locations.

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Assemble the DIY outdoor string lights. Hang Patio String Lights in patterns ideal for outdoor areas or events. Square or Grid – Hang patio lights in straight lines across the length and width of your space to create a grid or keep it simple by outlining just the perimeter of your space in a square shape.

Choose where to hang your outdoor lights. Screw a hook on to the top of each pole as well as to the side of the house where the string lights will start and end. You may find some string lights that are bit brighter in the 4000 to 6000 range.

This new web-based tool eliminates hours of lighting calculations and the potential for mistakes by doing the math for customers. First explore different designs and choose the lighting layout thats right for you. The result is a light display that appears intricate but is actually incredibly easy to achieve.

Read on for a rundown of our string light ideas for the patio deck porch and beyond. A unique border design technique the scalloped square design utilizes string lights around the perimeter of a square where the swag of the string is often more pronounced and dramatic. Once youve finished making improvements large and small its time to invite your friends and family over to celebrate your beautiful new backyard with these summer BBQ party ideas and outdoor summer games.

Scroll through to find creative ideas featuring everything from mason jars to twinkle lights. If you dont have an exterior outlet where you need one be sure to have an outdoor extension cord handy. The layout plan depends on the space available as well as your preferences.

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Last add the outdoor string lights. If you have a non-squarerectangular outdoor space it works best from a design standpoint to keep the light layout basic. I wanted to hide the buckets as much as possible and my top frame is slightly narrower than the top of the bucket so I lifted my wood box over the pole.

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