Inspiring Teenage Girl Blue Bedroom Ideas 33

30+ Inspiring Teenage Girl Blue Bedroom Ideas

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Decorating your child’s bedroom can be a fun-filled design challenge. After all, you’re recreating fantasies for your children by setting up their rooms according to their personalities. Room dĂ©cor will definitely vary according to the child’s needs and preferences and the idea is to create a lot of room for the kid to move around. For smaller children, a lot of floor space is advised so you only need to install the basics as far as furniture is concerned. Older kids will probably need a study desk for homework or a space for a computer so you’ll have to take those into consideration when setting up the room.

The girl’s bedroom

Sky blue makes for a good backdrop for a child’s bedroom because it’s pretty versatile across all ages. It also suits both girls and boys depending on how you play it up. For a girl’s bedroom built around this color, pink, purple and lighter shades of green will create an eye candy interior. With a sky blue wall color, you can create a garden setting by painting the lower half of the wall in soft green then hang stuffed butterflies or an interesting flower lamp for accent.

For the boys

Bring the beach into your child’s room by playing up sky blue with other summer colors and accents. Dark blue, green and brown will suit a boy’s adventurous streak. You can turn a small surfboard into a hanging shelf and add in woven accents. Another idea is to turn the sky blue bedroom into a minimalist room for older boys with darker shades of blue or green.

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Sky blue is pretty flexible as it can fit into any sort of bedroom theme that you wish to create. Let your (and your child’s) imagination run wild and just have fun redesigning the room. The possibilities are endless!

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