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30+ Stunning Shared Boy Girl Bedroom Ideas

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All you need to do to create a designer kids room that your little girl or boy will adore is to build on the images that already comprise the bulk of his or her daily fantasy life.

The Key to a Designer Bedroom is the Bed

For starters, what does your kid want to be when or she grows up? A firefighter, an astronaut, the captain of a ship, a Princess, a construction worker, a fashion designer, a race car driver? The perfect fantasy environment for each of these aspirations can be incorporated right into a designer custom theme bed.

Specific Custom Theme Bed Ideas for Boys and Girls

Not all boys and girls are built alike (we don’t need to tell you) and so, while we outline some of the more popular custom theme bedroom ideas for each gender, do keep in mind that children often cherish fantasies more typical of the opposite gender. There’s nothing wrong with this at all, and in fact is perfectly normal.

So as you examine these lists, don’t limit yourself to just the ones listed for your child’s gender, but rather consider all of them, as your child is surely a unique and well-rounded individual who never needs to be confined to only those images considered “gender appropriate”. Having said that… Common boys themes include:

  • safari in a tropical rainforest jungle
  • sailing the seven seas
  • exploring space and beyond
  • driving around in their favorite vehicle (car, train, boat, plane)
  • sheriff in the wild, wild west
  • wilderness mountain climber
  • construction zone

Common girl’s themes include:

  • runway model
  • undersea adventures
  • princess’s palace
  • movie star dressing room
  • tea party
  • elegant garden
  • ballerina’s dance studio
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And both boys and girls alike share the following fantasies:

  • rock star
  • medieval storybook kingdom
  • zookeeper
  • carnival or county fair
  • circus

The Theme’s the Thing

Whatever makes up your child’s fantasy life, finding a unifying theme will make your job of creating a designer kids room so much easier. For once you’ve chosen the right theme, all the other bedroom elements – bed, bedding, wall and floor coverings, window dressings, colors, accessories – fall right into place. So take the time to get to know your child’s fantasy life, and you will be well on your way to creating a custom designer bedroom for him or her that is every bit as unique and delightful as he or she.

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