Totally Cute Hippie Style Bedroom Ideas 20

30+ Totally Cute Hippie Style Bedroom Ideas

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Your teenager has a variety of design styles to choose from, often based on his or her personality and tastes, and usually very different from what a parent thinks is best as a decor choice. One of the more popular choices is a hippie or retro style, a throwback to the 1960s era of free love, peace and experimentation in mind-altering drugs. While it is unrealistic to think that we as parents should promote some of these ideas, there are many components of a hippie theme room that are appropriate for your teen.

Iconic symbols like beads, peace symbols, and lava lamps are fine to use for a hippie in our day. Hang the beads in the doorway opposite from the direction that the door opens, so that you pass through the curtain of beads each time you enter or exit the room. This gives your teen a feeling of her own world, somewhere special that is only hers, a place that she can really be comfortable and be herself. A lava lamp on the nightstand is a secondary source of lighting that is perfect for nighttime use or when the lights can be dim. During the day, it is just a focal point that is interesting for anyone spending time in that bedroom.

You can make peace symbols and black art posters look tasteful with some work. A great frame can transform a poster giving it a look more akin to real artwork. Avoid the less desirable choices, such as marijuana plants, and focus more on the peace theme of the hippie lifestyle. Being a hippie was about far more than smoking pot and making love, it was usually more about finding inner peace and becoming comfortable within your own skin.

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Organic choices reflect the hippie spirit, and can even save you money over the lifetime of the item on occasion, such as energy-efficient bulbs. Many different organic choices in the bedroom are reflections of everything that the hippies embodied. Your modern hippie will love bed linens that are comfortable and made from materials such as organic cotton or bamboo derivatives. Eco-friendly furniture fits with the same style, and although it might be slightly more costly to purchase, it is worth the investment since it is so much better for your teenager and the environment.

Combine vibrant shades with neutral tones to create a happy, healthy, peaceful place for him to relax. A teenage hippie needs his own space to be himself, and you can achieve this goal with a combination of shades that inspire creativity while promoting peace. Shades of green, red, orange, blue, yellow, and even contrasts like black and white are good choices, but limit the reds since it adds too much passion to a bedroom space. A rainbow effect coordinates with the hippie style, and you can achieve this in a teen boy’s room by using throw pillows or a great hippie mural.

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