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30+ Trending Modern Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

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Teenage girls love a room that fits their sense of style, and your daughter will love it if you give her that kind of room. Here are some tips to help you and your teenager decide on a style that both of you can live with.

There Will Be Disagreements

Unless you have suddenly moved into the Twilight Zone, you and your daughter will never agree on everything. For example, she may want to paint everything in sight lime green or black. Settle on middle ground by painting one wall a vibrant color or letting her add that color in with accents like throw rug and pillows.

Choose a Style
Do your research before you and your daughter select the perfect style. You can find inspiration anywhere from decorating magazines to the internet, a friend’s room or a comforter. The best place to start is to decide what your daughter’s style is: modern minimalism, funky colors, or lacy romanticism.

Picking a Primary Color
After you have decided on the theme of the room, you need to choose the primary color. Keep in mind that colors convey different moods. Green and blues are cool colors that give a feeling of peacefulness and will make the bedroom feel like a haven. Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow liven up a room and energize its occupants. One of the best ways to pick a color is get sample from the store and bring them home to think it over. When you narrow your choices down to a couple colors, paint samples on a board or on the wall itself. The colors will change slightly with the light, so check on it at various times during the day.

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Accent Colors
After the main color is chosen, it is time to pick your accent colors. You want your accent colors to match the theme and complement the primary color. For example, if you are going for a modern look use silver as your main color and add accents of darker gray, black, and lavender. If your teenager wants a preppy room, paint the walls with light pink, and use plaid and checkered fabrics on the bed.

Wallpaper or Pain
You may be deciding whether to put paint or wallpaper on the walls. A benefit of wallpaper is that it comes in a variety of patterns and styles. Unfortunately it is more expensive than paint and hard to remove. You can use a variety of paint techniques, such as sponging to create a more finished look to your walls.

The Final Accessories
o Choosing bedding and accessories is the most fun part of decorating a room. Incorporate your accent colors into the room with the bedding. You can create a more cohesive style by combining patterns and solids. For example, try a solid cocoa brown comforter with flowered pillows in lime green and tan or even brightly colored solid pillows. If you have a flowered comforter then use striped or solid pillows with lace details.

o Wall art is one of the best ways for your daughter to express her style. If she is artistic, then she can frame and hang her own paintings or photographs. She can also hang posters of her favorite musician. Do not forget to put mirrors, sconces, and hooks on the wall.

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o You can transform lighting fixtures with a new shade. There is a large variety of shades to choose from. If your daughter’s room is minimalistic, then choose a simple square frame in a solid color like black or white. If she likes feminine touches then try gluing beads or gems to a frame or getting one with a fringe.

o Do not forget the window treatments. Try black or white shutters for a contemporary look or flowery curtains with lace trim for a cottage look. Additionally, you could use floor length curtains with tassels for a sophisticated look.

o Add a touch of color to the floor by laying area rugs in bright colors or faux fur. Put the rug next to your bed or near your desk or a reading area.

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