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30+ Comfortable Mirror Above Dresser Ideas In Bedroom

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Mirrors are the window to the soul, and a prime focal point in any room. By adding one, you can literally change the entire feel of the surrounding space. In bedrooms they’re typically found above the dresser, as accents on the wall, and as a full length piece in the room. Though traditional designs are still the most popular, in recent years, the trend to create more modern and diverse pieces, have made the selection process much more exciting and enjoyable for homeowners.

Mirrors are such an important item because they can serve so many dual purposes. They can make a small room seem bigger, a dark corner seem brighter, and make a simple room design seem more elegant and refined. They’re also, of course, functionally necessary in the home.

The most common mirror in the bedroom is the one that sits above the dresser. Typically, this is bought with the dresser, though that is changing. If you have a dresser with no matching mirror, there are several popular mirror designs you can choose from that will complement many different dresser types. Many allow you to choose your own finish, and have a variety of colors that you can choose. Lots of people are starting to mix and match their colors, using different colors for different pieces of furniture in their room. This is a fun new trend, which gives the bedroom a more eclectic feel.

Mirrors are also commonly used in the bedroom for accent pieces. Sometimes, rather than a picture, a mirror will help bring a room together, and provide light and depth to an otherwise bland setting. Where most mirrors were only available in the traditional shapes and frames, there are now a wide range of choices available. Mirrors can be found in dollhouse shapes, elegant oval styles, funky undulating frames which look like waves, sleek modern designs, and so much more.

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Another popular mirror found in the bedroom is the floor length one. These tend to be prominently displayed and used often. A common feature in most floor length mirrors is the ability for it to be positioned at different angles for dressing and grooming. One interesting feature now found in some floor length mirrors is the storage space hidden in the back. These mirrors feature hidden compartments that can store jewelry pieces, and other small items. This is a great addition, because it allows a place where jewelry can not only be easily stored, but is also easily accessible. This is particularly important for smaller rooms that don’t offer the space or counter top area for this type of storage.

To see the widest selection of mirrors available, visit a reputable online retailer. Online retailers have the freedom to stock more inventory, since they don’t have to worry about people walking around, like traditional retailers do. Because of this, they need much less space, and can store a greater amount of items. Since their overhead is so low, they are able to offer high quality goods at very competitive prices. Many will also offer free shipping, which is a big consideration when you factor in the weight of most furniture. Look for retailers who have been around awhile and are well established.

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