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30+ Cozy Bedroom Design Ideas For Teenage Girl

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Most female teens are particular with how their rooms are. And so, here are a few ideas that you can utilize when designing your own bedroom based on what suits you best.

Determine the design based on your interests. Ask yourself what things you want and what you cherish the most. If you have a lot of them, you can list all of them down. After that, find similarities with these different interests. Be ready to give up some items when you cannot find a resemblance to the most of your interests.

These similarities will be the source of the design for your bedroom. You will have a more meaningful time in your room if you are surrounded by the things that you love.

Another idea can be on choosing a design based on what your future or long-term aspirations are. Once you have these objectives on your walls, you working table, your bed, etc., you will feel more inspired to work in order to achieve whatever those goals of yours are.

Choose the color scheme. Based on the design theme that you have in mind, you will decide which colors will best represent your interests.

You may use a single color and combine it with white, gray or black. For example, you can have a white platform bed, drawers, and tables while the rest of the items in the room are of the color pink. Or, you may choose different shades of the same color. This ensures that your room will have a sense of oneness.

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Make use of shapes. Use different shapes when choosing furniture and accessories for your room. This will make your room look livelier and less dull.

Use soft and cuddly items. This does not pertain only to teddy bears. A lush environment will look very comfortable to sleep in. This can be applied on your bed, the curtains and on the carpets. Aside from having platform beds with flat mattresses and beddings, you can make the bed look fluffier by adding lots of small pillows and a comforter.

Draw or paint on walls. Show your personality in your room by doing the design for the walls, the ceiling or the floor yourself. You don’t have to be an artist. You can just splash paint into wherever if you want to.

But if you are in the mood for artwork, paint on your room faces, nature, or any abstract figure that comes to mind.

Have lots of mirrors. Surely, you spend a lot of time fixing yourself. So, a lot of mirrors, especially large ones will help you with this task. You can just stand at any point in the room and you can already start doing your hair or your makeup.

Different containers for different uses. School stuff and personal stuff should not mix. You can have your working table for the things that you use at school. There can also be your computer, your books, and a lot more. Your personal stuff can be kept in another cabinet.

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