Stylish Blush Pink And Navy Blue Living Room Ideas 39

30+ Stylish Blush Pink And Navy Blue Living Room Ideas

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From all the rooms in a house, perhaps living room is the most important one. We can think of it as being the axis of a home, its center. This is the place where the family gets together at the end of the day or where we entertain our guests, relatives and friends. It is no wonder then that we would want for our living room to send the right message. It should be the kind of room where everybody feels comfortable, relaxed and welcomed, but also to reflect our own personality and style.

Fortunately, we are not alone in this. These days, it is not only interior designers that we can rely on for advice, but the psychology of color as well. The main idea behind this new approach is that colors have psychological effects on the people in a room. And, since we are dealing now with the living room, the core of a house, the colors we use are essential in evoking the right mood. Either cool or bright, colors can make a person feel calm and relaxed or, on the contrary, excited. Among Americans there are two colors that seem to be preferred when it comes to their living rooms.

The first of these is blue, a cool color usually associated with a sense of calm and the ocean. By choosing blue, we bring a plus of elegance into our homes and, due to its numerous shades it has, we can also play around with the idea of size and space. For instance, we should keep in mind that light shades of blue are perfect for smaller living rooms because they make them seem larger. This is probably why these lighter blues are also the most popular ones. The important thing is that blue, either pastel blue, Mediterranean azure, turquoise or navy, is a color which generates extremely happy emotional responses. However, if our living room has a more traditional décor, maybe it would not be such a good idea to choose a shade of turquoise blue which suits better the design of modern living room furniture.

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The second choice of a color to be used in a living room is green, the color of nature and growth. Just like blue, green is also a color which produces a feeling of mental tranquility, but used in a living room it creates a fresher and more energetic atmosphere. Green is most popular with interior designers nowadays as it is easy to be used in various color schemes and goes great in combination with neutral colors and deep shades of brown. Yet, good for eyesight as it may be, green should be used only to emphasize certain elements and definitely not for all there is in the living room. Various shades of green, such as mint, olive and exotic jade, can bring some freshness and an air of spring into our living rooms.

When we put it that way, we feel tempted to forget that paint stinks. And why wouldn’t we? We have got used to the idea that painting a house can be an unpleasant business and it does not even cross our minds that things can be made in a different manner nowadays. The colors and ideas come in a great variety and by making up our minds to use them we can change our home in a way we would not have dreamed about before.

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