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30+ Amazing Green Bathroom Ideas

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The bathroom is a great place to implement green changes because it is an area of the home where resources are used extensively. In spite of their often small size, bathrooms out waste many other rooms in the home when it comes to their combined energy and water usage.

Most notably, a large amount of water is used in bathrooms. There are a number of ways to green bathrooms and drastically lower their water usage. You can have a comfortable, beautiful, and resource-efficient bathroom by making some of the changes listed below.

Upgrade Your Showerhead
Showers use tons of water so upgrading to a low-flow showerhead is important. If you have an older showerhead it could be using up to three times more water than new versions. Today, all showerheads are low-flow. The federal Energy Policy Act of 1992 mandates that showerheads use no more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute. By replacing an old showerhead with a new model you can cut your water use by 70 percent when you take showers.

New Toilet
The toilet is the most water-wasting feature in homes. They take up about 28 percent of an entire homes water use. Again, thanks to federal laws new toilets have specific mandates as to how many gallons they can use per flush. Upgrading to a new low-flow toilet will significantly reduce your water consumption. And new toilets pay themselves off within a few years which means that they will save you money on utility bills over the long run.

Another option is the compost toilet. These are new options that have gain a lot of popularity in Europe. Believe it or not, they do not smell even though they do not use water to work. Composting toilets are interesting in that they convert human waste into pathogen and virus-free fertilizer, and do not require a connection to a sewer or septic tank.

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New Faucets
Bathroom faucets use up a significant amount of water in the home as well. Today you can also find versions that use much less water per minute than older models. In addition there are automatic, motion detecting faucets that only run when they sense motion underneath the faucet area. These are available for use in homes as well as for use on commercial properties.

Energy and water conservation are important for the environment. And with a few green home improvement changes you can greatly reduce the amount of water that you use in your home.

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