Diy Mid Century Side Table

Diy Mid Century Side Table. 18″ round wooden circle — it can be larger or smaller for different sized table, but must be at least 2″ larger than the pan. 2 — once the stain is dry on the legs, tape off the wood to spray paint the feet gold (optional).

DIY MidCentury Modern Side Table Tip Junkie
DIY MidCentury Modern Side Table Tip Junkie from

Just be sure it’s heavy so that the end table isn’t wobbly from being too light! From this strip, mark, and cut (4) identical rectangles that are 12in x 17in. All the cuts were made with just a circular saw and smoothed out with my belt sander.

Start By Drawing The Hexagon Shape On A Piece Of Paper.

Diy mid century modern end table / side table by modern builds aug 04, 2017. It can be used for many things as a sofa table, side table, as a vanity or even a bedside table. Just be sure it’s heavy so that the end table isn’t wobbly from being too light!

Materials Needed To Make A Diy Mid Century Side Table.

I cut 4 pieces of 1″ x 12″ to 3 ½” long. Today on modern builds, i'll show you how to make a mid century inspired side table / nightstand / end table from a couple of maple 1×8's. Place board 1 and 2 on a very flat surface and screw them together using your corded drill with clutch set in the middle range (between 8 and 14).

I Glued Two Pieces Together, Reinforced With Finishing.

Now you are ready to use your table! Stop drilling when the tape gets to the surface of the wood. Your 6 inch #2 square drive bit is ideal for pocket hole installation.

This Is The Width Of Your Table And The Measure Of How Far It Will Stick Out From The Wall Into The Room.

Contributor, contributors, diy, diy project plans, sketches/renderings, tables, tutorials tagged: This written step by step instructions are complimentary to the build video, which goes into a bit more detail. See more ideas about mid century modern side table, modern side table, diy furniture.

Diy Mid Century Modern Side Table.

Keep screwing so that the bolts on the table legs go into the wood. Screw the table legs into the leg plates. Squeeze a very straight bead of glue onto the middle of the board side.

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